Something Special For You

As a REALTOR® you might recall this. You refer a client and they buy a home. A few years go by. The phone rings. The buyers/sellers want to move again. You already got paid your real estate referral fee, right? Normally in  the real estate business, you receive your referral fee only once, but not with the referrals that you will send to The Flexible Team. When you send real estate referrals, you get paid again and again, and AGAIN... no matter how many times this buyer/seller moves, and uses The Flexible Team's services. So what are you waiting for? Contact The Flexible Team for all your OTTAWA AREA Referrals today.

Hi Everyone, Flexible Realty of Ottawa has over 25 years’ experience buying and selling real estate in the Ottawa market. We get to know our clients and work hard to understand exactly what they are looking for. Lloyd Lefebvre of Ottawa and Chris McColgan who lives in Aylmer have the experience to complete successful transactions for your clients. Our simple motto: “We are honest, we work hard and most of all we work for our clients.” We wish to develop a long and successful relationship with Quebec Real Estate Agents. At this time we offer a 30% remuneration fee for any completed referred transaction. We always provide feedback to you! All the best, I am looking forward to hearing from you!